DytaPro Stamp

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What is a Dytapro GDPR Stamp?

Dytapro GDPR Stamp is a visual stamp displayed on your website to demonstrate that you have made huge efforts to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. This stamp tracks back to us at Dytapro and to this statement created by Dytapro to validate your status. Your clients and suppliers can see that your status has been assessed and approved by Dytapro.

Dytapro are a third-party organisation that has committed to measure your organisation’s approach, policy with regards to working with personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Dytapro Methodology

The Dytapro algorithm assesses, calculates and scores the clients information asset process and policy with regards to GDPR in two rounds of testing or a minimum of two completed Dytapro discovery documents.

How you earned the Dytapro GDPR stamp – the journey to being compliant.


The Dytapro discovery documents are designed to capture key information about organisation, including your IT infrastructure, general management of personal data including how the client stores, shares and secures personal data, what policies and processes are in place to support the organisation’s ability to credibly manage personal data and comply with GDPR throughout the organisation.

Achieve Compliance

You needed to score high to be complaint with the Act.  Our team at Dytapro have been rigorous with regards to the assessment of your GDPR compliance, so congratulations, you have worked hard and made the appropriate changes within the organisation to reach your goal.

Dytapro GDPR Stamp is the start and we now help you to continuously measure your progress, and assist you to maintain your GDPR compliance status.