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Are You Fully Protecting Your Reputation?

You’ve become GDPR Compliant and have done everything to ensure that you are acting responsibly with the personal data you collect, store and manage.

But are your sub-contractors, partners and members of your business circle GDPR compliant?

The reputation of your business will be extremely important to you.  By ensuring that the businesses and sub-contractors who support you in the delivery of your services have the same high, exacting standards as you helps remove any weak links in the personal data management chain.

After all, you’ve worked hard to make sure you are compliant with the Act, why risk your reputation with partner companies who do not have the same ethos as you?

In the event of a Data Breach by one of your sub-contractors or partner businesses, your customers will look to you for answers. They will want to know why their personal data wasn’t managed in the same way you manage it.

DytaPro are here to support you…

We help you manage your wider GDPR responsibilities by offering the opportunity for your business to be in our Partner’s Network. By joining our network, you will be paid an introducers fee for each and every business you refer to DytaPro.

Introducer's Fee

For every new user you refer that then signs up to DytaPro, you will receive their 2nd Month’s subscription payment in full.

Join The Network

It’s A Win – Win…

It’s a bonafide win – win situation. We get to help more businesses become GDPR compliant and you get an introducers fee and the knowledge that your partner businesses will be taking steps to manage personal data in line with the Act.

Partner Network = Revenue Stream For Your Business

For each referral we receive from you, when they sign up to DytaPro, we will pay you their 2nd Month’s payment in full. 

Become a partner today and fully demonstrate your capacity to deliver your services, with a proven record and the peace of mind that your wider business is looking after client data, responsibly.