GDPR and Small Businesses – Let’s Do Something a Little Different

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It’s safe to say that the hot topic that is GDPR has split the crowd. Some people are focused on becoming compliant, but others are just annoyed that these regulations are coming into force.

Whatever your attitude towards GDPR is, it’s not an optional step for businesses, which is why it’s essential for organisations to start becoming compliant as soon as possible. It’s also important to get all your staff on board so your business can efficiently respond to the new requirements GDPR will involve.

How can I monitor how my staff deal with potential threats?

As a business owner, you need to know exactly what is involved once the GDPR is into force, but your staff should also be aware of what they need to do.

Organisations should put measures into place, so they can monitor how their staff deal with potential threats. If you need specific guidance, you can hire GDPR services that will help your business set the necessary processes.

Our GDPR service includes employee training, so all your workforce know how to spot a potential threat and what to do in that case.

Is GDPR the Y2K of data?

Organisations of all sizes are getting ready for GDPR. We’ve specifically created GDPR services with small businesses in mind as we’re passionate about supporting smaller businesses and believed SMEs had needs that were not yet answered by other services.

David Reilly, commercial director at DytaPro comments, “We have developed a service counter to current market trends. If GDPR is the Y2K of data we want to work with our customers after the madness has passed”.

Many business owners tend to forget that complying with GDPR isn’t a one-fix and there will be a need to continuously manage data within your business.

“It is our belief that the consideration all businesses show their customers with regards to personal data management will be rewarded with continuous work and opportunities to deal in new markets”.

Do you and your staff know what to do once GDPR comes into force this May? If you’d like to chat about how we could support you, feel free to get in touch!


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