How GDPR Affects Contracts

Whether as a customer, supplier or distributor of services which involve the handling of personal data, many businesses are subject to significant legal changes now that the General Data Protection Regulation has come into effect.

Businesses will have to focus on the key changes in GDPR that affect outsourcing and data sharing which will impact both existing and future contractual relationships.

DytaPro can help you review these relationships and, where necessary, update and manage your contracts and liability.

Commercial Contracts

Your terms and conditions should clearly define where the responsibilities and liabilities lie for each of your commercial contracts.

Employee Contracts

Employees have a legal right to access their personal data. Under GDPR your business needs to be compliant with the law and ensure your employee is aware of their rights and processes around accessing and use of their personal data.

Subcontractor Contracts

Anyone working under your business brand should be GDPR compliant. You need to clearly define the liability with the subcontractor before the contract commences.