How GDPR Affects Information Technology

Ensuring your IT is compliant with GDPR regulations is an important part of the process. We can work with your existing IT company or provide direct support to ensure your business is IT compliant.

Technology and GDPR Compliance

Organisations must now devote resources to risk management and compliance with particular focus on information technology.

Data Management

The first step is to audit the flow of personal data across your organisation and take steps to protect it from unauthorised access.

Access Governance

The next step is to centralise and govern user identity and manage access, in particular, privileged users. By creating robust systems to govern user management, organisations will benefit from knowledge of ‘who has access to what’ and GDPR compliance.

Privileged Access Management

Data controllers must report any data breach within 72 hours of the incident occurring. By managing privileged access, organisations can more easily enforce data breach detection and notification.